Estimated Tuition & Fees

Fall 2023 and Spring 2024

Tuition and fees vary from campus to campus and program to program. Please visit to view the tuition and mandatory fees. Mandatory fees (the Cub fee, Student Rec Center fee, Health fee, Stadium fee, Chinook Building fee, Media fee and Transit fee) are included on this website. Once at the web page, choose the campus you will be attending or interested in attending. There is a two credit minimum charge for all students. Full time students are enrolled in 10 to 18 credit hours for fee paying purposes. To be eligible for Federal Financial Aid, undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits.

Other mandatory fees include Special Course Fees which can be viewed at the following web site

Other Fees and Charges

Auditing a course per credit hour (charge does not apply for a full fee paying student)$194.00
Challenging a course (limited to matriculated WSU students)$561.00
Checks not honored – Charge for each check returned$30.00
Chinook Yearbook$53.89
Cougar Card charge for replacement$15.00
Foreign Student Orientation - Graduates
Graduate School Certificates Degree$25.00
Graduate Application - Bachelors Degree$60.00
Graduate Diploma fee - Masters and Doctor’s Degrees$50.00
Microfilming PhD., Ed. D, and D.DES. degree candidates only$75.00
Copyright fee - Phd, Ed.D and D.DES only - Optional$65.00
Teachers Statutory Certificate$70.00
Transcript Request Fees - variable amounts, please go to
Undergraduate Student Petition Fee
State Employee, Staff and Faculty, Exempt, or Senior Citizen Registration nonrefundable fee
Other optional choices
Pullman Undergraduate Sports Pass$319.00
Urban Campus Undergraduate Sports Pass$210.00
Pullman Graduate Sports Pass$319.00
Urban Campus Graduate Sports Pass$210.00
Fees for late Registration and late Fee Payment
Late registration fee for students registering on or after August 21, 2023 (Fall)--January 08, 2024 (Spring)$25.00
Late registration fee for students registering on or after August 28, 2023 (Fall)--January 19, 2024 (Spring)$100.00
Late fee Payments on unpaid tuition and mandatory fees: Academic Calendar
FALL 2023SPRING 2024
3%Refer to Academic CalendarRefer to Academic Calendar
5%Refer to Academic CalendarRefer to Academic Calendar
7%Refer to Academic CalendarRefer to Academic Calendar

Approximate Cost of Instruction