Financial Aid and Scholarship Payments

Financial Aid and Scholarship Payments

WSU mails all student account checks to the student’s primary mailing address. That address is controlled on-line by each student via their myWSU and WSU considers it to be correct at all times. Checks that are mailed to the address maintained by the student will not be cancelled and re-issued for a minimum of ten working days.


The fastest and safest way for WSU to get your money to you is by direct deposit from us into your US based personal bank account. Please visit our Direct Deposit self service site and complete the on-line form now to avoid any address issues in the future.

Refunds of excess financial aid will be mailed to you the week before classes start. Financial Aid cannot be applied to your account until 10 days before the start of the academic term.

When money is received by the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, it is automatically transferred onto the Student Account after the Financial Aid system releases it. Once it applies to the Student Account, it will pay off current term items before the excess funds are mailed to the student or sent to the student’s bank (See Direct Deposit self service). Washington State University is limited by Federal Government rules regarding what charges we can automatically pay with financial aid.

Financial Aid funds can only be applied towards tuition, mandatory health fee, mandatory Student Rec Center fee, mandatory stadium renovation fee, mandatory transit fee, mandatory CUB renovation fee, mandatory Chinook building fee, special course fees, and University Housing and Dining charges. We need the student’s written permission to apply Excess Financial Aid funds to the following fees: sports passes, Cougar Cards, computer lab fees and other items on their account. In order to apply the funds to those sort of charges, we need the student to give WSU Title IV authorization to do so.  Title IV authorization can be done in the myWSU student services center.