Washington State University
Bursar’s Office Hope Scholarship & Lifetime Learning Credit

Hope Scholarship & Lifetime Learning Credit

We notify students each Spring via Form 1098T of the tuition and mandatory fees billed to them for the prior calendar year. We notify the Internal Revenue Service that we have issued a Form 1098T. There are Federal regulations regarding who can get a tax credit (if anyone) on their Federal income tax. It is the student’s responsibility to determine the applicable tax regulations regarding these items. We strongly recommend that the taxpayer seek competent tax advice as WSU can do nothing other than report the applicable amount to the student and the IRS.

The 1098T is mailed to the student’s local mailing address. If the student has not received the form by mid-February the student may print the form online through their student service center in myWSU.

For additional information on the “Hope scholarship” or the “Lifetime Learning Tax Credit” please go to http://www.irs.gov.