Request an Item Type



With the implementation of Workday, all Item Type Request will be centralized through the Office of the Bursar. If you need assistance with converting your old budget project to the new Workday Accounting GL — Workday Crosswalk

If you know your Program/Gift/Grant work-tag — you can always enter that information into the Search Field in Workday and that will give you the correct Fund/Function/Region etc.

Please complete the following information:


    If you want any credit balance that may stem from applying this item type to the Student Account refunded to the student check yes.
  • For Financial Aid use only!
  • Please enter your Workday Cost Center begins with CC
  • Please enter one Workday Tag - -choose either Program, Gift, or Grant
  • Revenue Category is needed for Charges: i.e. RC0089 Course Fees, RC0073 Other Sales and Service, RC0043 Other Fees, Forfeits, RC070 Miscellaneous Service Fees, RC0041 Deposit and Forfeits, RC0042 Collection of fines, and fees --etc. Spend Category is needed for Payments: i.e. SC00306 Guarantee Payments, SC00300 Stipends, SC00302 Athletic Stipends
  • Please enter your Workday Fund begins with FD
  • Please enter your Workday Function begins with FN
  • Please enter your Workday Region: i.e. RG10 = Pullman