For University Departments:

Accounts that are 135 days past due are referred to the Collection Department. Prior to this, past due collection letters are sent to the client at 76, 106, and 135 days of delinquency. The collector attempts to contact the client by telephone. A credit bureau report may be obtained to assist the collector. If the phone contact is unsuccessful, a letter will be sent to the client as a final demand for payment. A collection charge of 25% of the amount collected will be assessed to departments if the charge is 150 days or more past due. After all collection efforts are exhausted, the account is then referred to an outside collection agency. The account is also reported to national credit bureaus.

For Student and General Account Holders:

You are responsible to pay your account balance timely. Unpaid accounts will be outsourced to collection agencies and reported to national credit bureaus. You are responsible for all collection fees and reasonable attorney’s fees, per RCW 19.16.500. The additional collection fee may be 25% to 50% of the balance. All possible means to collect the charges will be pursued, which could include legal action, and may result in a judgment and/or wage garnishment. For students, university services will be with held, including registration for the next term, receipt of grades, and receipt of a diploma.