TouchNet Project

Project Overview

Starting in winter 2022, WSU will launch TouchNet, replacing our current point of sale system, Core One Step, and streamlining processes for student and department payments.

TouchNet provides a comprehensive suite of applications to support the commerce needs of colleges and universities. The application offerings include solutions to support business needs, such as Student Office Cashiering for departmental payments and deposits, a Student Account Center for student payments, and more.

Learn more about the following applications by visiting the pages below:


PhaseTarget/Launch DateApplications to be implemented
Phase IJanuary 26, 2022– Student Account Center- launched January 26, 2022
Phase  IIMarch 1, 2022– Student Office Cashiering- launched March 1, 2022
– Marketplace Suite (includes uStores and uPay)- launched for multiple departments
Phase IIIJuly 1, 2022– Departmental deposits (Record Cash Sales replacement)- in progress/testing
Phase IVSummer 2022– Marketplace POS- in progress/testing
Phase VAugust 16, 2022Payment plans for students– available August 16, 2022
– eRefunds- planned, TBD
Phase VISummer 2022– Payment Client- in progress/testing
Phase VIIApril 2022– TransferMate- launched April 2022
Phase VIIIMay 19, 2022– Marketplace uPay- launched May 19, 2022
*Timeline last updated June 22, 2022
TouchNet Implementation Timeline- last updated June 22, 2022