Other Billing Information

Other Billing Information

Adding Classes: Any classes added after 09/01/17 (Fall) and 01/19/18 (Spring), the second Friday of class, must be paid for at the time the credits are added. Payment deadlines are still applicable on added classes, and if not met, will result in the application of late fees or disenrollment fees to the account.

Late Registration Fees: Students enrolling after the close of registration, on 08/20/17 (Fall) and 01/7/18 (Spring), but before 09/02/17 (Fall) and 01/20/18 (Spring), will be charged a $25.00 late registration fee. After these dates, the late registration fee increases to $100.00. See Academic Calendar.

Checks not honored: Checks written by the student or by someone else for the account which are returned to WSU unpaid for any reason will result in a $30.00 unpaid check fee charged to the student. If the check had originally been written to pay for tuition, it will be considered as not being made and late fees and reenrollment fees will apply if applicable.

Records Hold: Transcripts and diploma’s will be held for unpaid overdue charges owed to the University.

Refund Policy: Withdrawal from the University may result in the application of an administrative cancellation fee. Please read “Tuition Adjustment Policy” in the applicable semester Time Schedule.

Course Withdrawals After the 30th Day: No tuition adjustment for individual course withdrawals will be made beginning 30 calendar days after the start of the semester. For example, a student who is enrolled in 16 credit hours and withdraws after the fourth week from a 3-credit course and adds a 3-credit course is accountable for 19 hours. In this example, the student would owe for the one credit over 18 credits.

Full refunds of the additional per credit hour charges (for each credit over 18) are given if the credit load is reduced to 18 hours or fewer within the first 30 calendar days of the semester.

Past Due Accounts

In the event that you fail to pay your account, causing it to be referred to a collection agency, you are responsible for payment of the account, all additional collection fees, attorney’s fees, and related charges. Delinquent accounts are reported to credit bureaus. This will have a negative impact on your credit history. Transcripts and diplomas will be held.