TouchNet Ready Partners


TouchNet has more than 250 certified partners to which higher education institutions have access. Partner applications integrate seamlessly with TouchNet to allow this third-party application to take payments.

WSU technical staff are are working on integrations between TouchNet and existing WSU application including Handshake, Trace First, EDC/Aims, Point and Click, and Aventri.


  • TouchNet Ready Partners are validated to accept payments through the U.Commerce payment software suite or integrated with our OneCard credential system.
  • With any Touchnet Ready Partner, WSU can easily connect TouchNet services to provide a smooth experience for students and administrators, ensure PCI compliance and security, and improve transaction reconciliation.
  • If you are considering implementing a third-party software and you need to process payment, check and see if the software provider is a TouchNet ready partner.  View all TouchNet Ready Partners.
  • If your software provider is not a TouchNet ready partner, ask them to become one. Becoming a TouchNet ready partner is easy and will enhance their software for you and other clients.