TouchNet Update February 2022

On March 1, 2022, Washington State University will begin offering 3 additional TouchNet products. These include Business Office Cashiering, Marketplace uStores, and Marketplace uPay.
Business Office Cashiering: Business Office Cashiering is replacing one aspect of Core OneStep. It supports multiple cashier stations while communicating in real-time with myWSU, currently allowing users to process student/myWSU payments in real time. Future enhancements will include integration to Workday directly using the departmental deposit functionality.
During the month of March, the Bursar will focus on deploying, training, and validating the implementation of this application with units currently using Core OneStep. Starting April 1, units can request access to Business Office Cashiering through the Bursar’s Office. All requests for access to Business Office Cashiering will be evaluated to determine the best solution for the departmental need.
Marketplace uStores: Marketplace uStores lets students, parents, alumni, and others shop online, register for events, or make donations anytime, anywhere—while providing integration to Workday.
Departments will be able to request the use of this application for their own customized online stores. Starting March 1, please use this guide to get your store set up.
Marketplace uPay: Marketplace uPay provides secure, PCI-compliant payment processing for websites that already exist—while providing integration to Workday. uPay will eventually replace our current central payments system. Starting March 7, units can request access to uPay by submitting an application in Workday.
We look forward to implementing these new commerce solutions across the University and working with you to do so.
If you have questions, or would like more information, please visit