TouchNet update for June

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Student Office Cashiering

  • The Bursar’s Office helped Spokane’s Cashier office transfer from Core OneStep to Student Office Cashiering on June 23. They will continue to monitor transactions and assist with the transition as transactions are processed over the next couple of months.
  • Tri-Cities and Vancouver Cashiering are scheduled to transition off Core OneStep to Student Office Cashiering in July.

TouchNet Ready Partners

  • Units across the university are working with the Bursar’s Office to onboard their TouchNet Ready Partner software to TouchNet. The Bursar’s Office is working to get Trace First and EDC AIM software live and accepting payments through TouchNet.
  • Visit the TouchNet Ready Partners webpage for more details and a list of all TouchNet Ready Partners.

Marketplace (uPay and uStore)

  • Additional units are in the process of implementing their uPay and uStore sites. The Bursar’s Office has been receiving requests and fulfilling them as they are received.
  • uStores can be used to sell goods, take registrations, receive reoccurring payments, and much more. If you are interested in setting up an online marketplace, please contact the Bursar’s Office at

Core OneStep

  • The Bursar’s Office is working with the areas who still have active stations to transition them to Student Office Cashiering, Marketplace POS, or another TouchNet product based on their needs.

Central Payments replacement

  • The Bursar’s Office, ITS, and Modernization hosted a meeting to present the following timeline:
  • ITS provided training on June 27. A recording of the training is available here. Additional follow-up meetings will be scheduled as needed.

Payment Client (myWSU)

  • ITS continues to work with Oracle and TouchNet to get connectivity between myWSU and TouchNet in place. Work was completed by Oracle the weekend of June 17 to get everything in place. While connectivity is now successful, ITS is working on a final step with Oracle to authorize the connection and allow for test electronic payments to process.

Payment Plans

  • The Bursar’s Office has configured, tested, and validated payment plans in TouchNet. Payment plans will be available for students for the first time this fall through TouchNet’s Student Account Center. 
  • The Bursar’s Office is working with units across campuses to present the Payment Plan and gather feedback. These meetings provided great insights that led to additional testing. 
  • The Bursar’s Office is working with Modernization to announce the product and ensure students and parents are aware of the Payment Plan option.

Other News

  • The Bursar’s Office and the Modernization team continue to test a TouchNet product (Departmental Deposits) to replace Record Cash Sales. This product would streamline nightly deposits by recording these transactions directly to Workday. WSU identified a bug and TouchNet is working to correct the issue. WSU is testing a workaround that would allow us to use the product before the patch is in place.
  • The Bursar’s Office has partnered with the WSU Visitor Center to implement TouchNet’s Retail POS. This all-in-one hardware allows units to sell products and manage inventory in an easy-to-use POS system. The project has officially kicked off and WSU is waiting for TouchNet resources to be allocated. WSU is looking to launch this product with the Visitor Center in August.
  • Check out the project website for an updated timeline: