TouchNet update for April

Welcome to regular updates about the TouchNet project. Here’s what’s happening this month.

Core OneStep and Central Payments, systems used by different WSU departments to support payment processing, are in the process of being replaced by TouchNet applications. The project team is working with units to identify the TouchNet applications that best meet their needs and requirements.

What’s happening?

  • We’ve extended licenses for Core OneStep by an additional 6 months to give all units time to transition from this application to TouchNet.
  • Project team members visited several campuses to help set up software and provide training for TouchNet Student Cashiering.
  • The Bursars office is working with several units to standup our first production uPay and uStore sites.
  • Our first TouchNet Marketplace partner will go live the week of April 25, 2022.

What’s next?

Check out the updated website for more details about each TouchNet application.

To learn more about the different TouchNet applications, contact us. We’ll set up time for the project leads to discuss with you and your team which applications best fit your business needs.