TouchNet Update January 2022

WSU will begin launching TouchNet applications starting in late January 2022. The first phase will replace the current payment tool for students with a more user-friendly and robust application.

Later phases will replace the point of sale system, Core One Step, and bring new applications to support tracking and managing department and university payments.

Refer to the timeline below for more information about what to expect in each phase.

PhaseTarget Launch DateApplications to be Implemented
Phase IJanuary 26, 2022– Student Account Center
Phase  IIMarch 1, 2022– Business Office Cashiering
– Marketplace Suite
– UPay
Phase IIIJuly 1, 2022Payment plans for students
– New eRefund process
TouchNet Implementation Timeline

Download this handout for details about each application.

We will continue to update you throughout the project. Visit the project website for more details and resources.